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This kind of Ford Quanshun RV is very rare! With 2.0T + 6at, it can live for 4 people. In terms of appearance, the car is mainly black with red stripes on the side. The length of the car body is only 4830mm, which is about 1m shorter than that of the same type of car. The roof can be equipped with a 50W flexible solar panel and two kinds of folding awnings. There are no other facilities outside. Power system... [thank you for fighting for us! During their stay in Wuhan, Hubei Province, the medical staff helped 14 shelter hospitals and 7 designated hospitals. On the afternoon of the 16th, 55 members of the national emergency medical rescue team of Dongfang Hospital Affiliated to Tongji University received the evacuation order and placed them in the tent hospital of Dongxihu shelter hospital, Until the end of the siege. On April 15, the reporter visited a temporary tent in Pretoria, South Africa, which can accommodate 300 homeless people. In order to help the merchants return to work and production, the business circle helped the merchants transfer the transactions to the outside, allowing small batches of merchants to enter the counter to pick up goods, and at the same time, about 100 tents were built in the outdoor pedestrian street for the use of merchants and customers. Xinhua News Agency“ There are only 13 tents and wooden houses in the whole camp. Since its opening in 2014, it has only been open from May to October every year. There are no modern facilities and disposable toiletries. However, it has won numerous awards and praise from deep travelers! How to achieve negative pressure inside the inflatable tent A friend noticed that these laboratories in the gymnasium are actually big inflatable tents, each with an internal space of more than 70 square meters, but the news said that these tents are negative pressure, So some people have been blinded: since it's inflatable tents, why are they inside... [outside Asia, the most serious epidemic country: hospitals set up inflatable tents to cope with the tide of patients - New...] in order to cope with a large number of patients, Italy, including Rome, has begun to set up temporary inflatable tents outside hospitals to facilitate triage, diagnosis and isolation. Why has Italy become the most epidemic country outside Asia“ No such panic in World War II "recently, social media... [Yushu earthquake: I still have children's roster - China New...] small home in the tent: a 12 square meter tent. We lived in the tent built during the earthquake for two and a half years. It became children's teaching room and a temporary home for many people. There are children reading and writing, and there are wives and children looking forward to their husband's return. Armed police Yushu branch! Photo: @ Fengya love Bayi has many ways to camp here. The most traditional way is to camp in a tent. It's very comfortable for everyone to set up a tent and wait for the night to come. Photo: @ the novelty of fengqingcq is the treehouse camping. It seems that the treehouses are arranged in order with a very elegant style, [cultural transmission, cultural poverty alleviation performance, inheriting rural culture, they are on the grass-roots stage...] one of them is the literature and art tent Qingqi team in Dazhou City, Sichuan Province, which is deeply loved by the literature and Art masses in mountain areas. As one day for several years, he went to the mountains and the countryside with a warm heart, singing and laughing for the remote and silent mountain villageoutdoor tent["seamless docking" anti epidemic card spot disaster relief materials landing to implement the full strength of the Municipal Emergency Management Bureau...] small tent epidemic prevention and control base in the wind and rain "sister, stop first, let's take the temperature of Kazakhstan."“ Fellow villagers, where are you from? Where do you come from? " January 25, 2020, 12 new novel coronavirus pneumonia control points in Chang Ping Township, Wanzhou District, Chongqing. [activity] Chongming Lavender Festival starts next Sunday, Xiao Bu delivers 200 tickets! The number of B & B and tents is limited, please make an appointment in advance) activity information activity time: May 20 - June 30 activity location: No. 2018, Beiyan Road, Chongming District, Shanghai ticket price: 50 yuan (excluding tour items and packages) free ticket information tickets are e-tickets, and the park will send information... [Tesla's total production reached 53339 cars in the second quarter, an increase of 55%] in June this year, Tesla needed a day's new assembly line to support the model 3, but the new building couldn't be built, so it took them two weeks to build a huge tent to build the model 3 model, which is responsible for the final assembly. Tesla CEO ma... [108 luohanwa born after the Wenchuan Earthquake: ten years of growth without forgetting gratitude] from May 13 to August 7 of that year, 108 babies were born in the "tent health care center" temporarily built on the vacant lot of Luohan temple. People affectionately call them "luohanwa". Ten years later, the growth of the "luohanwa" has been... [time explanation: Jiangxi gangs steal more than 500 tons of rare earth in Chaling, causing heavy metal pollution in the surrounding area...] the thieves cover the construction area with camouflage tents to avoid satellite monitoring. Mining: pour ammonium sulfate solution into the mountain and camouflage the mining area with "camouflage". According to Liu, they used the "in situ leaching method" to mine rare earth. Specifically speaking, the first thing to do is to have rare earths in the area... [more than 4700 officers and men have been deployed (on standby) in the western war zone for disaster relief in Jinshajiang dammed lake] late at night on the 14th, the reporter learned from the joint operation command center of the Western War zone that so far, more than 4700 officers and men have been deployed (on standby) in the western war zone, and more than 460 sets of equipment (racks, models and vehicles) have been equipped to assist the local government in the emergency evacuation and transfer of more than 20000 people, ... [following the command of the commander, we spent four seasons on the battlefield] the night was getting darker and colder, but the lights of several tents beside the car were still flashing. Walking into the tent of the organization group, the reporter felt a flash in front of him: he was playing back the live video, reviewing the situation of the combat readiness drill on that day, and using examples and data analysis to prove that the drill did not meet the actual combat requirements, The national emergency medical rescue team and China international emergency medical team (Shanghai) contracted by Dongfang Hospital reconstruction system, in addition to sending 55 team members, also equipped with 10 professional vehicles to load materials, including drug consumption, life security, tent hospital, etc., a total of 30 tons. Arrive in Wuhan... [Dao Zhijian loyalty is the tax responsibility of Daozhen Autonomous County on the front line of anti epidemic] from February 1 to March 26, the cadres and workers of Daozhen County Tax Bureau stayed for 55 days“ The rain is too heavy. The tent is going to blow over. Let's hide under the eaves! " On the night of February 15, there was a strong wind and heavy rain. At the duty card spot of Daozhen County Tax Bureau, the tent was blown over and the charcoal fire was watered out by rain. Encounter wind and rain, then it is really a night of "bubble". Wang Chao's wife, Yang Xiaomin, is a pediatric nurse in the South Hospital of the first medical college. Since the beginning of the war, they have not met each other. But on February 22nd thisCamping tent