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About us_ Inflatable tent_ Military tent_ Fire tent_ How to build inflatable tent correctly? Contact us Tel: 17332771111 mobile phone: 17332771111 address: DUSHENG Town Industrial Zone, Cangxian County, Cangzhou, Hebei Province, China online consultation about our Cangzhou Tianpeng Marshal outdoor equipment Co., Ltd. is located in history, Zeng Zhong 2...] author: Li Tong characters: Beijing News Zhou huixiaowan New Media Editor: newspaper tuyuan network Chris parrat, from a tramp sleeping in a tent to a-coffee actor, says that he is "the most inspirational existence in Contemporary Hollywood"【 This trip to Yunnan is much more comfortable than the last one. No one will rush to catch up with the scenic spots, and no one will cheat on consumption, because this is a self driving tour. In order to avoid being unable to find a hotel to live in, we have specially installed a car tent on the roof. On October 19, 2019, the first music tent festival in Lixin County, Anhui Province was held in Weibing village on the Bank of Xifei river. Hundreds of outdoor enthusiasts from all over the country set up camp along the Xifei river? Guide: be careful of "taking off the order...] many Tibetan guides will remind tourists that if you travel to Tibet, you should never go into the white tents on the roadside. Why on earth? Because there is such a tradition in the Tibetan area, that is, when the girls in the family are 14 or 15 years old, they all end their visit to the front line and drive back to the camp. The camp is temporarily set up on an open space to accommodate about 110 people from Buchanan fire brigade and affiliated support agencies. You can see a huge white tent in the distance? Tent on campus? Have you ever experienced these regular activities in Singapore primary schools At the beginning of the camping operation, all the students went to the ecological garden to learn how to set up camp tents, and then went to the football field to set up camp tents by themselves. After setting up the tent, all the students will go to the auditorium for young scientist day, and each group of students will have an exhibition, Hurry to my real destination -- the starry sky in the vadiram desert... [aim tent hotel] Dong Xiaoxiao_ Tencent Video]  - 【 Develop tourism according to local conditions. The Wugong Mountain tent festival in Pingxiang, Jiangxi Province helps the local people get rid of poverty. Pingxiang, August 19 (reporter Zhang Huijuan) on August 18, the tent Festival camping activity with the theme of "lovers' Qixi" was held in the Wugong Mountain scenic spot of Pingxiang City, Jiangxi Province. This is the 11th Wugong Mountain tent Festivaloutdoor tentThe museum is designed by Ma Yansong, a famous architect of Harbin Grand Theater. It is expected to be officially opened in 2020 and will become another landmark in Heilongjiang Province. China entrepreneur Museum covers an area of 20000 square meters, the main building area is 9500 square meters, with tents as the center! Husai armed 40 rockets penetrating Saudi tents, grenades used as heavy artillery -...] violated the most basic military common sense of commanding positions, and even did not set up guard posts on the surrounding commanding heights! Maybe this Wang Yejun felt that he could escape the direct sun in the mountain col, which was just for more comfort for a while, but he didn't die at all... [emergency management department allocated tents and other relief materials to the earthquake stricken areas in Yunnan Province] Beijing, Sept. 9 (Xinhua) according to the website of emergency management department, the emergency management department released relief materials from the central Kunming reserve on Sept. 9, 2000 tents, 8000 folding beds, 13000 beds (pieces) of quilts and other central relief materials were allocated to the emergency organizations in the earthquake stricken areas of Yunnan Province to support the local government to do a good job, Another tent has eight simple folding beds, and the same blue quilt as firefighters' clothes are neatly folded into tofu pieces. Like other team members, the bridegroom LU Hong... [set up a tent outside the detention house, and political commissar of Shiyan Yunyang Public Security Bureau is willing to be the "gatekeeper" for epidemic prevention...] reporter of Chutian Metropolis Daily, Guan Qianyu, correspondent Zhang Jun, "the conditions are very difficult, you should pay attention to your health!" On the morning of March 3, Chen Cheng, vice mayor of Shiyan City and director of the Public Security Bureau, made a sudden visit to Yunyang District detention center for epidemic prevention. He found that Li Quanbin, political commissar of Yunyang District Public Security Bureau, had set up... [notice of March 3 Music Festival and the seventh Rhododendron tent festival activity -...] from April 18 to May 20, March 3, Rhododendron Festival and tent festival were celebrated together! Wonderful activities will never stop! Music Festival, food street, carnival, everything, just waiting for you! Discount on May 19, China tourism day, half price discount on tickets of scenic spot (41 yuan), [Tibet Motuo properly resettle the victims of Yajiang barrier lake - China Youth Network] villagers prepare dinner in the temporary kitchen at the temporary disaster relief resettlement site in Madi village, Motuo Town, Linzhi City, Tibet (photo taken on October 20). The temporary relief resettlement site in Madi village of Motuo town is set on the hillside far away from the river. There are 12 tents and about 150 people live here. On the evening of February 13, Chen Zihan posted a group of pictures of family reunion dinner on his microblog. On the eve of Valentine's day, Chen Zihan and her husband Dai Xiangyu showed their love and scattered a wave of dog food“‘ When my sister comes to my house, she has to set up a tent in the house. Dioba will come back tomorrow... [peace Elite: this resource point was once hotter than the airport, and it was deleted by photons for a year. Recently, photons added a new prop in the island map, that is, the tent. In the game, some ice will be refreshed on the map. Players can get the tent and some small drugs after breaking the ice, And the tent can act as a shelter in the peace elite, in the game... [amazing inside story of Tesla's soaring production capacity: workshop mouse bites off the wire, electrical tape repair...] Tesla produces part of Model3 in its GA4 workshop (open-air tent). The "tent" production facility, built in the spring of 2018, was originally a temporary production measure. At the time, Tesla was perfecting itself in a facility called the brickParent-child tent