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[set up tents, set up cards and set up sites... More than 240 militia members are dispatched to Jinshui District of Zhengzhou to put into defense...] mobilize the deployment team to use tents, and the militia members quickly gather in place. Imagenet news (reporter Ruan Haifeng, correspondent Wang Xuanfeng, heishanshan) "in order to further grasp the epidemic prevention and control work, it is urgent for your department to reinforce 20 tents, Organize the militia members to assist the community without jurisdiction! The team leader swore: "we also brought tents, vegetables, fruits and other protective equipment, because it is responsible for the distribution of warehouse materials. There is also a semi closed environment, so there will be less contact. But we also have complete disinfection facilities to ensure disinfection at any time? Recently, a netizen left a message on the "12345 government service through train" in Hefei asking why flying kites and setting up portable tents are forbidden in Huachong park? Yaohai District People's Government (Government Office) replied that there are more and more immigrants flying kites... [there are more and more immigrants crossing the border illegally, and the tents built by the US Army are not enough, and the conditions are still poor] many immigrants hope to find jobs in the United States and live a good life, but for various reasons, they can only live in the tents built by the US Army at present. Due to the large number of immigrants who want to enter the United States every year, trump is angry and says that he will take the most severe measures... [enjoy pandas, set up tents, watch the four seasons in Changbai Mountain... Where are the people going during the May Day holiday...] Nanhu beach bathing beach is full of people. Photo by netizens: Nanhu Park in Changchun is an open park. People who do not want to travel on May Day, On the first day of the May Day holiday, Qingdao Shilaoren bathing beach became the "ocean" of tents. Xiaoxiang Morning Post] Peninsula reporter He Yi on May 1, the number of tourists of Shilaoren bathing beach increased, The children are playing on the beach. Today is the first day of the May Day holiday. The number of tourists along the coast is gradually increasing, and the citizens are enjoying it. It turns out that in order to strengthen the control of people in and out of the village and cut off the transmission of the virus, the cadres of the "four branches" of the village... [set, in Yiwu! Water screen movies, jungle swings, starry sky tents... These projects are all...] glass slide squirrel track starry sky tents... Recently, these online Red amusement projects are popular both at home and abroad! Dream, excitement, enjoyment... Fun index ∪! Let a lot of people want to play! Here @ eager relatives: just next year, [anti epidemic in the community | protective tent, military coat, electric warm treasure... The warmth of Puxing volunteers...] picture says: Puxing road street has specially customized a number of protective tents. At noon today, a red tent appeared at the gate of linger community, which was pasted with anti epidemic propaganda signs inside and outside, with "dedication, friendship, mutual assistance, progress" aspirations, There are no parking spaces in the community, so we can only park outside the community. This time, there are 90 parking spaces to rent, so I want to rent one. My mother came to line up in the afternoon. On the grass in front of the officeAdvertising tent[night reading | Hubei boy stayed in the tent for more than a month due to the epidemic | frog breeding | night reading | Hubei boy stayed in the tent for more than a month due to the epidemic | frog breeding Committee was canceled, which triggered a discussion on whether he could eat bullfrogs after the "ban on frogs"【 Hubei boy stayed in a tent for more than a month due to the epidemic situation @ Beijing time... [a female herdsman in Qinghai was killed in a tent and the police killed the troublemaker brown bear] Beijing News Express according to the micro message of Zhiduo public security official in Qinghai, the police station of Zhahe township of public Security Bureau of Zhiduo County called the police at about 7 am on May 12, He said, "a family of a certain family in kouqian village of Zhahe township was attacked by a brown bear sneaking into the tent in the early morning, and his wife was taken away... [inspired by Beijing Women's illustrated book, I don't want to go back after I come here!...]" Ten years ago in Shanghai, a nine to six office worker was inspired by Beijing Women's illustrated book. In the tent guest, I finally met my "cool wind in the mountains, warm sunshine in the ancient city". I came back from the tent guest Xilong tea Valley Resort in Anji, and it was already... [in the early morning, a female herdsman in Qinghai was killed by a brown bear in her tent. Police: the brown bear has been opened...] on the night of May 14, The Public Security Bureau of Zhiduo County in Qinghai reported the recent brown bear attack on Herdsmen in Zhahe township of Zhiduo County on the official wechat account. At about 7 a.m. on May 12, Zhahe township police station of Zhiduo County Public Security Bureau called the police and said, "in front of Zhahe Township... [carrying a tent to commit a crime! There were more than 10 burglaries, and the fleeing thieves were arrested by Boshan police -...] during the investigation and patrol of the periphery of the crime scene, the police found an abandoned tent in a mountain forest a few kilometers away from the village where the crime happened. According to the scene, the police speculated that the theft suspect left behind, and felt the 13 most suitable camping sites in Shenzhen and surrounding areas. Take a tent to watch the stars and the moon...] Yingde tianmengou station, Kyushu post station, has built a small platform with wooden boards among the trees on the hillside, which is safe and comfortable for tourists to build tents. In this camp, fireflies fly at night, and squirrels skilfully run past the tent. It's natural and wild. Can also be... [really advanced! In addition to those solid "skeleton" tents, there are also emergency solutions. For example, field troops use special raincoats, which can be spliced into a huge Raincloth through the preset small mechanism on the raincoat, and then dig out a semi buried bunker on the ground, Use some cases around to book tents by calling "fire Advisor"! For gospel truth once again, in April 19, 2018, the Jimsar County resident Xu Mou received a call from a self appointed fire officer who said he needed to buy 25 tents urgently. But because of the shortage of funds, Xu was willing to pay the advance. Xu was convinced that he had been swindled by a transfer of 50 thousand yuan to the designated bank card. [Ukrainian beauties go to the front line for free: they can't fight in a tent with soldiers...] Ukraine approves these women soldiers to fight as plane gunners, snipers and scouts, but they won't get any special treatment. In the front line, they have to squeeze into the tent with other male soldiers, and they can get the allowance, but only a few of them... [in addition to summer, there is the happiest way to open the summer night - extreme news] there are stars, grass, tents, outdoor movies waiting for you! Last Saturday (August 1), the 2020 Guifeng mountain summer camp music festival opened. That evening, as the summer heat dissipated, warm music sounded. Guifeng lake, barbecue stalls issued a tempting smell of foodParent-child tent