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[the tent festival of Xitou village in Conghua starts in May. It's a pleasant and romantic camping and star watching in the mountains and rivers. It's only 9...] I want to set up colorful tents on the grass beside the stream on the top of the mountain and watch the endless starry sky in the night; Take the heaven as the quilt, the earth as the mat, three or two confidants, looking at the starry sky, telling each other their little secrets. Come to the tent festival in Xitou village, Conghua! The 8th tent Festival has been held in May  - 【 Why don't you enter the white tents on the side of the road in Tibet? With the upsurge of pilgrimage, more and more people go to Tibet. However, Xiaobian found that there are often some isolated white tents beside some roads in Tibet, and the Internet has also suggested that white tents tied to the roadside should not enter casually. Because it's hard to get out after you go in... [star sky tent hotpot, which dazzles people's eyes, has to play...] star sky, tent, beach, bubble swing... It's also a restaurant where people in Kunming can eat their mobile phones first! Under the stars in the tent date to eat hot pot, minute exposure to the wonderful star world! It's said that there is a star sky tent in Kunming recently. The hot pot is very hot. It has the beautiful atmosphere created by the star lights. The city will play. There are a row of tents on the ice of the Songhua River, and the people in them are agitating about what they are doing all day. Walking along the river, the residual temperature of the sunset is accompanied by the cold wind. In a trance, they feel that there is something more on the ice covered river. Walk into a look, unexpectedly row after row of tents! It's common to set up a tent in summer. In winter, when you set up a tent on the ice, people come in and out from time to time, and there is a lot of laughter and laughter, I didn't expect that when I was camping, I was intruded into my tent by a male "donkey friend" in the middle of the night, and I was "indecent",... [product display / folding tent]_ Advertisement tent manufacturer, folding tent, promotion tent, filling...] tent wholesale, tent customization, inflatable tent, advertisement tent, folding tent, exhibition tent, quadrangle tent, promotion tent, wholesale purchase choose Shijiazhuang century Jinxin tent factory, its tent products are complete, exquisite technology, beautiful and practical, good quality and low price to meet the needs of the majority of users? To make up for it, they did it outside the tent...] relationship improvement in the show that aired on September 23 (Wednesday), V and jungkook had a drink by the fire and had an in-depth conversation. This episode starts with V and Jimin in an outdoor tent. Because V is too shy to call jungkook out by himself, he asks Jim... [O'Sullivan criticizes Ding Junhui as a tent, but Robertson thinks Ding Junhui has a high income and no desire to win...] today, Ding Junhui is becoming more and more a "round of Ding" - a round of swimming. However, in fact, that young Ding, who was full of billiards talent, was still in the golden age of billiards players, What's the matter with him now? As for Ding Junhui's evaluation, before that, [drunk bride | grass + starry sky + tent + folk song, romantic to the end] on a clear summer night, what is more romantic than setting up a tent on the lawn with her beloved to count the stars? If it's not enough, then add the ballads like the summer evening breeze, and sing your stories! What's the taste of summer in egret town EveryAdvertising tent["reading city" greenway country Hostel, mutai tent Hotel -- the main scene of park business] take mutai tent hotel as an example, in the greenway and nearby areas, select the appropriate area, set up the elevated wooden platform, set up the tent on the wooden platform, not only damage the green resources in a small area, but also enjoy the feeling of close to nature brought by the greenway, ecology, environmental protection, is worth trying and experiencing【 What should Ding Junhui take back to the cheap tent Ding Junhui has always been difficult to use an effective counterattack to answer the question of "a cheap tent" raised by the rocket O'Sullivan. When it comes to such a critical battle as the world championships, Ding Junhui is easy to fall off the chain. After losing the game, he was also disheartened. He said, "I'll spend some time with my daughter, no... [... Mojiang earthquake] the first night after the earthquake: 300 people from the armed police of Pu'er, professional rescue forces all night long...] in order to let the people in the disaster area go through the first night after the disaster, the officers and soldiers of the armed police Pu'er detachment urgently set up relief tents for the local people. Bingbeng village in Mojiang County is the area seriously affected by the earthquake. Most of the houses were built on the hillside, and the roof tiles fell off during the earthquake. The new CIGS photovoltaic tent entered the Tibetan areas of Sichuan Province, Xinhua news agency, Chengdu, June 2 (reporter Wu Xiaoying, yuan Qiuyue) State Energy Investment Group Co., Ltd. launched targeted poverty alleviation cooperation and CIGS photovoltaic tent donation ceremony was held in Chengdu on the 2nd. The first batch of 150 tents were herdsmen's "quantity... [PLA participated in Russia's largest military exercise! Russian sentry: it is clear that there are only a few tents, only three days...] in three days, the Chinese soldiers in the "several tents" actually built a 15000 square meter field camp. On September 11, the largest strategic exercise in Russian history officially began. This is also the first appearance of the PLA! Going abroad, representing a new era... [yak Black Tent will appear in Tibetan carpet exhibition] in Hall C of Qinghai International Convention and Exhibition Center, a large yak black tent has been built, which is the exhibition area of Yushu Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in 2018 China (Qinghai) Tibetan carpet International Exhibition, The biggest yak black tent in front of us won the Guinness world record last year. An mjjj caught such an interesting scene in the interval of shooting: Captain Hu needs to go to the simple tent to change his costume. But this tent hasn't yet! According to Yonhap news agency on January 4, Seoul's central district recently set up shelters at 16 bus stops in the city to help citizens warm themselves while waiting for a bus. Shizhong District of Seoul said on the 4th that the shelter tents were set at 16 bus stops in the city. The plan is as follows: all the way, together with Dr. Pei Feng of Zibo Central Hospital, director Zhao Yufeng of Oncology Department of Zibo Third People's Hospital and Dr. Si Meiling of Zibo Seventh People's Hospital, as the new... [behind Tesla's capacity reaching the standard: thousands of Model3 Taiping Yangdian were built in the tent last week...] it is worth noting that among the 5031 Model3 cars produced in the past seven days, About 20% is produced on the company's GA4. GA4 is Tesla's hastily built assembly line, under a huge tent at its Fremont factory in California. Last Sunday, local time, whenAdvertising tent