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[like the speed! At 22:00 pm on May 31, Sanyuanli street, after receiving the notice from relevant departments, took the lead in launching a large-scale nucleic acid screening action for key leading enterprises, Set up nucleic acid detection of China Southern Airlines Group as soon as possible... [Yellow River Ecological Corridor: Rainbow Run and tent Festival - People's information] as an important activity of this "one festival one meeting", the sixth 2021 "happy Yellow River" Roman Rainbow Run and "embrace mother river" ten thousand people tent Festival are highly anticipated. So, what are the highlights of these two activities this year? On May 8, the reporter interviewed the main participants of the two activities... [reporter's direct attack: relief tents basically meet the needs of the victims] on May 21, after the 6.4 earthquake in Yangbi County, Dali Prefecture, Yunnan Province, various departments at all levels quickly carried out emergency rescue work, and the rescue work is proceeding in an orderly manner. According to reports, there are difficulties in the disaster stricken areas, such as the depth of the disaster, the difficulty of disaster relief, and the heavy task of recovery and reconstruction. Record... [reality version "Yingxue"! In the cold wind, this graduate student of China University of mining and technology is learning from the net in a tent...] in the cold wind, a simple and shabby tent, a pile of firewood raised temporarily, and three students are concentrating... This scene takes place in a mountain village in Shibaotou Township, Weihui City, Henan Province. One of the three protagonists is the school of mechanical and electrical engineering, China University of mining and technology_ Bili, Bili...]  - 【 Zhejiang husband and wife have nine months in a year. They chase flowering tents from all over the world for their homes. For master Bian's family, home is just a tent. Of course, his family also includes hundreds of boxes of bees. In March, the rape flowers in Zhejiang and Jiangsu Province "are blooming in Rehmannia glutinosa, butterflies and bees are busy in the bush." Spring is oil... [don't talk about whether it's illegal to install the roof tent, I've taken it for half a year...] I can understand this kind of mood. I'm rich and poor. I have to spend money when I go out and have an affair. It's not only the problem of money, but also the problem of deduction. So many self driving enthusiasts leave messages on the Internet to ask whether it is illegal to install roof tents in private cars! More than 200 tents are crowded on the playground. Let's take a look at the tent party on the hundreds of square meters of stormy playground. At 8 p.m., parents volunteers carry tents to build with their children. A total of 210 tents were prepared for 568 children in grade two, with an average of three people sleeping in one tent. No more, because... [10000 cars stranded in Haikou, set up tents on the street! Haikou Guangzhou air ticket 10000 / piece! According to vision, in order to ease the traffic congestion in Haikou, various departments immediately launched emergency plans to fully guarantee the travel of passengers, traffic police, volunteers, and so on Liangshan, July 24 (Qi Yuting) - on the edge of two fishing ponds, there are tent huts, surrounded by many dandelions... On the 24th, a lot of dandelions are in full bloom, In a tent Inn in Luguhu Town, Yanyuan County, Liangshan Prefecture, Sichuan ProvinceCamping tent[]. About an hour's drive from downtown Hangzhou, you can reach Gaoting mountain scenic spot in Hangzhou, and Niulu camping in gaolanbin tent Valley in Hangzhou is on the hillside, The tent medical team activity launched by Luzhong Morning Post and Shandong Xinhua Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. started again and went to Dongzhuang village, Xihe Town, Zichuan District. Learning that the village is actively carrying out the post disaster reconstruction work... [] [the story of the left behind youth "survival in the wilderness": set up a tent to dig sweet potatoes to survive in the wild for five days and five nights -...] after the meal, it looked as if it was going to rain, so the two gave up to continue on their way, and found three bamboo poles and some branches and grass to build a simple tent“ In this way, the rain can flow along the grass, and we can shelter from the rain in it. " Xiaofu said that since... [Zhaohua, Sichuan: 500 tents, 37 temporary party branches guarding one side's safety 24 hours -...] this temporary Party branch, located at the junction of Hutiao town in Zhaohua district and Jiangkou Town in jiangge County, is almost all "belongings". At night, the tent lights up, Mugodi four seasons 2-person cold mountain 2plus3plus3-4-person double deck camping mobigarden / mugodi brothers jiedeng BRS Outdoor Sky Screen sunscreen ultra light retractable outdoor camping folding portable sunshade shed BRS / brothers jiedeng mugodi three person double deck camping anti rainstorm four seasons tent with snow skirt cold mountain 3plusmobigarden / mugodi outdoor beekeeping civil residential large engineering construction site construction canvas thickening anti rain military sub map Zhuo fan [director of Sanmenxia cancer surgery, put the tent into the construction site of the poverty alleviation project - top news] the core tip is that a tent is set up in the rough room of the newly completed building, without even a door, and there is ventilation everywhere. Cao Lusheng works in it. The meeting was held until 3 a.m. the night before. When I saw a reporter from Dahe newspaper, my eyes were still slightly red. After meeting and talking, he answered the phone and talked... [Arctic exploration: no sun for more than two months, polar bear broke into camp tent - Sina Technology] their task is to drive a robot ship to explore one of the most mysterious environments in the Arctic under the sea ice. This work is full of various challenges, including storm weather, tent setting and camp drift, But for the scientists who do this research, it's possible to? Many people complain, just because they bought the house here...] this is what the real estate buyers said. By the end of 2019, the real estate has entered a state of shutdown, and there has been no sign of commencement. After the delivery period, the developer did not say anything. The anxious buyer set up a tent in the open space on the first floor of the building. Recently, however, a new tent appeared. Every evening, a couple of people started to walk to the tent. At night, they sent messages inside the tent Recently, online classes have been opened in primary, middle and primary schools. Children in cities are having PE classes at home. However, it's unexpected that some teachers and children in mountainous areas have to run to the top of the mountain, on the roof and in the ravine because of the bad signal at home I'm in a hurry to pick up my girlfriend. The man rode a motorcycle on the highway and set up a tent. Two days ago, it rained heavily in Zhanggong District of Ganzhou on Nan Shao highway. When the traffic police were patrolling on the highway, they suddenly found a tent on the side of the road. What's the operation? Policeman: "what are you doing here?" Motorcyclist: "me? Take shelter from the rain. " Police: "notent