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It's too cold to camp in winter?! Try to set up a tent like this, sleep on the ice and sweat] or go camping in the mountains at the weekend, watch the stars and watch the sunrise. And every time I write about the use of equipment, my friends in the message area always say that they want to see the winter camping tent, which is very popular. So, after saying so much, in the final analysis, there is a saying: KingCamp In the past, because of the limited outdoor conditions, in order to build a small nest in the most beautiful place, we often had to be aggrieved. Living in the most ordinary tent, we didn't have a comfortable big bed, electricity or toilet. We wanted to have a romance with our favorite "crape myrtle", But... [Wu Jing set up tents for the victims during the Wenchuan earthquake netizen: that's what we really need...] Wu Jing set up tents for the victims during the Wenchuan earthquake. After drying out a layer of skin, he drove a truck to deliver materials and carried bags with officers and soldiers for disaster relief. Teacher Wu Jing is really great and praised the old master Wu Jing. Netizens found that Wu Jing built a shelter for the victims during the Wenchuan earthquake. No one was injured around, and some people began to set up tents on the side of the road. Aftershocks continued. The hotel room did not dare to go back. Miss Han sat on the side of the road facing Erhai Lake, waiting for the dawn. At the same time, she was wondering whether she would go to Lijiang overnight to meet her friends; While admiring others, they took out their tents from the trunk and set them up in open places to prepare for them... [case of Yeshe tent hotel] Yashe travel house provides tent production for Yeshe hotels in tourist attractions. The specifications and sizes of Yeshe tents can be customized according to the needs of the camp. The products include single room accommodation tent Hotel, Duplex Suite Hotel tent, and the appearance of the tent can be designed as a single tent Double tent, company tent, etc【 Peace Elite: 1 minute to learn about the new mode of National Day edition, making tents as shelters, and new clothes...] players make tents as shelters, and new clothes are like "dyeing for new"! I believe that you guys have learned in the game that the first interactive play method since the public beta of "peace elite" will start in-depth game cooperation with climbers. During the period from September 30 to October 13_ title%_ Qixingye luxury tent] the unique design of Qixing tent Hotel Design Co., Ltd. perfectly combines the beautiful nature with the luxurious and comfortable hotel to create a relaxed and pleasant mood. The tent hotel is equipped with comfortable big bed, modern bathroom and spa, In this regard, O'Sullivan said: "if you can't solve your own ideological problems, he will never be the number one in the world. He's like... [Zhong Chuxi filmed in the tent, big show full caused hot discussion, netizen:" bitchy...] recently, a group of Zhong Chuxi's photo blockbusters have become popular on the Internet, Zhong Chuxi filmed in the tent, It's not only cool to wear clothes with, but also charming to take photos. Zhong Chuxi, who shot a large film in the tent, has a full show. Although the photo looks beautiful, it has caused netizens to... [Hotel sneak photos are rampant, do you need to take a tent when you go out- Guangming Daily] However, even so, we still have to emphasize that if the sanitary condition is not up to standard, we should avoid using hotel towels as far as possible. If there is a high risk of being photographed secretly, we should learn the necessary "detection" skills and even take tents to stay in hotels. Such "disaster avoidance" measures are helpless, and they should not become aCamping tent[Qinghai Maduo earthquake area school in the "tent classroom" resumption] Maduo, May 24 (reporter Li Yawei, Zhang Lei, Ge Xiuyuan) on the morning of May 24, five primary and secondary schools in Maduo County, Guoluo Prefecture, Qinghai Province, including Tibetan boarding middle school and Huanghe Township boarding school, had normal classes in the "tent classroom" of the temporary settlement. There are mountains, water, forest and grassland. Now it's the best place for Beijing residents to relax. Every weekend, the family can stay in the park for a day with tent food and drink. They don't have to do anything, smell flowers, listen to music and lie lazily in the tent, That's great. The earth is the bed, the starry sky is the quilt, the green space is the mat, the tent is the room, the stars and the moon are reflected, and the music is dancing. Camping, stars, moon and pure starry sky, experience zero distance contact with nature, enjoy wonderful camping night, different wilderness, different experience. Listen, insects chirp, birds chirp, cicadas noise... [Wuling journey is about to mass produce camping version kit, with ladder roof and tent ghost...] from the current pictures, the pictures of Wuling pickup camping version are quite similar to the style of gun travel version. Compared with the ordinary version of journey, the camping version still adds many new configurations. For example, the front of the car is equipped with anti-collision beams, and outdoor special searchlights. In addition, the roof of the car is also... [Xi'an can set up a tent Park, you can find several places for tent camping, secretly...] Xi'an can set up a tent Park: 1. Duyi Ruins Park, a friend recommended to come to Duyi ruins park, It's not easy to build a tent on this lawn. A staff member reminded us that we can't barbecue, but we can stay overnight, but the parking fee is not sealed At the end of the week, Beijing's major parks are full of people who come to enjoy the spring outing, and tents are also popular among the people. Photo: at the Beijing Olympic Forest Park, people spend the weekend in tents. Setting up "tents" on the grass is popular in Beijing park. It's really a weekend for leisure... [since September 2018, tourists must set up a real name system in advance to camp in Huangshan scenic spot...] Huangshan Mountain, as one of the three mountains, Xu Xiake came here twice in ancient times. Today, its fame also makes many mountaineering hobbies and admirers come here, The best way to visit Huangshan is to camp here for one night. Before, we talked a lot on the platform in Huang... [living room: Piccolo "topology" tent intimate partner experience - Sina Technology] in outdoor camping, do you often encounter such problems: after climbing the mountain in the rain, when you are ready to camp, your whole body is covered with water drops, and when you enter the tent, you are afraid that the water drops will wet your sleeping bag and other objects, At this time, I hope there is a place where I can... [camp and picnics are included in the chapter of careless selection of outdoor equipment and stoves...] camping and picnics are included in the chapter of careless selection of outdoor equipment and stoves. What I play outdoors is my mood and equipment, Recently, I found that more and more friends around me gave up singing K and drinking and chose to get together for three or five days... [Changchun Huahai starry sky tent hotel camp | qixingyeshe] together with Changchun scenic area, qixingyeshe has built a sunflower themed starry sky tent hotel camp, with a total of 25000 square meters of starry sky camp, including 10 starry sky tents 10 special tents and a 22 meter diameter star ball themed restaurant.Camping tent